New Generation of Self-lube Chain


    NSL-Roller chain is designed for use where oil based wet lubrication is difficult, impossible or undesirable. The chain bushes are manufactured from a sintered alloy with lubricating oil impregnation at manufacture. This extends chain life and reduces maintenance costs.

    Recommended applications - Where lubrication is difficult and/or chain elongation is unusually high.
    NSL chain saves time & money - Less time spent on applying lubricants and less money being spent on lubricants.


    Use by Industry and Application:

    ★ Electrical industry

    ★ Paper processing industry

    ★ Print industry

    ★ Food industry

    ★ Packing industry

    ★ Automated warehouse system


    Chain Feature

    1. Sintered oil impregnated bush.

    2. Pin with nickel plated and plates are blackoxide.

    3. Any other surface treatment can be applied per request. 


    Increase Wear Life Performance

    As a result of wearing test, NSL roller chain has contributes to the overall increased 5 times of wear life time compared with standard chains.



    Notes For Selection of Chain

    1. Under light or medium load

    2. Operating temperature range: -10℃ to 80℃

    3. Maximum recommended operating speed:





    4. Sprocket: standard sprocket

    5. Compatibility with old chain model:

    ★ When replacing old chain model, always replace the entire chain.

    ★ New chain cannot be connected to an old chain model, nor connecting parts.



    -ANSI standard 40-80

    -ISO standard 08B-16B/12BF

    -Attachment chain A1/SA1/WA2/WSA2/D1/D3