New Generation FDA Self-lube Roller Chain

    NSL-Roller chain is designed for use where oil based wet lubrication is difficult, impossible or undesirable. The chain bushes are manufactured from a sintered alloy with lubricating oil impregnation at manufacture. This extends chain life and reduces maintenance costs.

    Recommended applications - Where lubrication is difficult and/or chain elongation is unusually high.
    NSL chain saves time & money - Less time spent on applying lubricants and less money being spent on lubricants.

    Use by Industry and Application:

    ★ Electrical industry ★ Paper processing industry ★ Print industry

    ★ Food industry ★ Packing industry ★ Automated warehouse system



    1. FDA-approved oil impregnated bush.

    2. Pin with nickel-plated & plates are blackoxided. Other surface treatment can be applied per request. 


    Increase Wear Life Performance

    As a result of wearing test, NSL roller chain is at least 5 times of service hours when compared with standard roller chains.

    Notes For Selection of Chain

    1. Under light or medium load

    2. Operating temperature range: 

        FG version : -10℃ to 145℃ ; FGH version : -20℃ to 220℃ 

    3. Maximum recommended operating speed:





    4. Sprocket: standard sprocket

    5. Compatibility with old chain model:

            When replacing old chain model, always replace the entire chain.

            New chain cannot be connected to an old chain model, nor connecting parts.


    Available sizes

    -ANSI standard 40-80

    -ISO standard 08B-16B/12BF

    -Attachment chain A1/SA1/WA2/WSA2/D1/D3