MEGAⅡ - Changing For The better

    Patent No. M552958


    MEGA-Ⅱ Innovation Solution Chain


    Are you satisfied with your current stainless-steel chain?

    Does your current SS Chain had a problem ...

    1. Insufficient tensile strength?

    2. Elongation problem?

    3. Poor fatigue performance?



    Special Features

    1. Retains the unique construction of the  MEGA-Ⅰ design with large bearing areas to improve strength and chain life.

    2. MEGA-Ⅱ chain has a revolutionary outer plate design which minimises contamination by dirt and corrosion. 


    Product Benefits

    1. Helps eliminate chain failure caused by high loading.

    2. Increases chain life over standard chains by 50%.






    - ANSI standard 40-80

    - ISO standard 08B-16B

    - Double pitch 2060

    - Double strand chains are available at call.

    - Attachment chains are available at call.