Demands on pin oven chain

    • Fast Speeds - ever increasing line speeds (cans per minute) can put a lot of stress on the chain. • High Operating Temperatures - temperatures can be extremely tough on chain and therefore the tips and lube effectiveness become integral parts of extending the service life of the chain. • Accuracy - Pins are made straight so that cans are correctly positioned for removal after exiting the oven. Tsubaki Pin Oven Chain handles these demands with the following features:


    Feature Benefit Made with our G7 Chain with Solid Bushings Extends the Service life of the chain (with proper lubrication) Prestressed strands Minimize initial chain elongation Extended Pins are precision aligned Holds cans straight during fast movement New standard tips are .125 radius PEEK high temperature resistant Resistance against the high temperatures present in Pin Oven applications


    Compliment your chain and keep it running longer with U.S. Tsubaki SMART TOOTH™ Sprockets

    Tsubaki Smart Tooth Sprockets offer users the ability to identify and schedule drive system maintenance before critical component failure occurs. Strategic placement of our patented Wear Indicator pins on one or more sprocket teeth provides visual indication that a sprocket is still within the allowable wear tolerence, or if it needs to be replaced. Our specially coated blue SMART TOOTH sprockets will remind you that Tsubaki has you covered.

    Notes For Selection of Chain

    1. Under light or medium load

    2. Operating temperature range: 

        FG version : -10℃ to 145℃ ; FGH version : -20℃ to 220℃ 

    3. Maximum recommended operating speed:





    4. Sprocket: standard sprocket

    5. Compatibility with old chain model:

            When replacing old chain model, always replace the entire chain.

            New chain cannot be connected to an old chain model, nor connecting parts.


    Available sizes

    -ANSI standard 40-80

    -ISO standard 08B-16B/12BF

    -Attachment chain A1/SA1/WA2/WSA2/D1/D3