Roller Chains

    Patent No. M552958

    IWIS Roller Chains offer an above average service life thanks to their excellent wear resistance, high consistency, precision and considerably higher breaking strength and fatigue strength than that required by the DIN / ISO standard.

    The iwis chains are pre-stretched and are provided with a highly efficient initial lubrication.

    The SL series chains have pins with extremely hard surface. This super longlife design has the highest wear resistance, a prolonged serve life, gig braking and fatigue strength, low susceptibility to deficient operational lubrication, corrosion and friction in the chain links.


    • The Suffix SL indicates chains with particular wear-resistant pins.
    • It should be noted that if cranked links are fitted, the breaking strength of the chain may be reduced by approximately 20%.


    • Roller Chains offers a selection of A series, B series, heavy duty series, side bow series roller chains and more. These chains serving as power transmission components or conveyor parts come in a wide range of specifications from single strand to six strands, and provide two material options including carbon steel chains and stainless steel chains.

      In line with the ANSI and BS standards for dimensions, our design engineers apply FEA technology to work out the strength arrangement and reasonable matching for each component of the roller chains, and enforce stress measurement through photoelastic test. To obtain an optimized design, they will enforce repeated verification and test.

      Based on transmission chains and purposes, our roller chains can be installed with a variety of attachments including A1, A2, K1, K and D types, producing the most popular chains in material handling fields, and suitable for diversified needs in different industrial areas.

      According to different working environments, in addition, the carbon steel roller chains come in various surface coatings including zinc plated, nickel plated, chrome plated and Dacromet coatings etc. All of these surface coatings contain no hexavalent chromium.